October 5 2018

Jon Favreau Reveals Details on Star Wars TV Series

The speculation can now end as Jon Favreau has revealed the premise for his upcoming Star Wars TV series.

Favreau made the announcement on his Instagram account this week, and it seems all of the leaks were correct.

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While Boba Fett is the best known of the Mandalorians, The Clone Wars and Rebels animated series massively expanded the lore surrounding the group of warriors.

This is exactly what the TV series needed to be. We needed to go out to an area of the galaxy we don’t know with new characters and just see what happens. Lets do away with some of the baggage of Star Wars and just tell an interesting story. And I love the idea of a series because it will allow the characters to get some depth.

There’s a reason people loved The Clone Wars. This might just work.

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