October 9 2018

Fantasy Island Finds its Mr. Roarke

The Fantasy Island has found its Mr. Roarke. Michael Pena – best known for playing Luis in the Ant-Man movies – will be donning the white suit. (If they stick with the white suit that is) Ricardo Montalban originated the role in the 1970s television series and became iconic for it.

Pena is known for his comedy, and Blumhouse films tend to run dark. One has to imagine this will be a darkish morality play take on Fantasy Island, so it won’t be like anythign we’ve seen Pena do before. I’m all for actors branching out, so lets see what he does with this.

I’m incredibely interested in this project as the original series always had a dark tone, and the reboot in the 1990s still didn’t quite get there. Lets go for it with this movie. Lets embrace the darker side of the fantasies and the price we pay.

Blumhouse is co-producing the film with Sony Pictures. Jeff Wadlow (Truth or Dare) will be directing the film while also serving as an executive producer. No release date has been announced as of yet.

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