October 16 2018

Pennyworth Finds its Alfred as it Sets to Film

No, you aren’t dreaming, that Alfred – Batman’s butler – origin story is moving forward and has even found its lead actor.

Pennyworth, as it’s known has cast Jack Bannon (Fury, The Imitation Game) as a younger version of Alfred Pennyworth. The series will deal with the time period after he left the British SAS and was running his own security company. Then, during the 1960s he’ll meet Thomas Wayne and form the friendship that will define the rest of his life.

The series is being headed up by Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon, both of who are executive producers on Fox’s Gotham. They have confirmed, however, that the two series are not connected and this should not be considered an origin story for Gotham‘s version of Alfred.

For all I know, the series may blow my mind, but boy does this feel like a stretch. Alfred is Batman’s confidant, friend, and father figure, but do we really need to see him before he even knew the family?

No… think I’m good, thanks.

Pennyworth begins filming next week, but Epix has yet to announce an air date.

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