October 20 2018

Luke Cage Canceled – Now We Worry

Netflix has canceled Luke Cage. The streaming service spent the last week trying to convince everyone that canceling Iron Fist shouldn’t be taken as a sign of anything, but when you do the exact same thing, and hide ie yet again on a Friday night, one week later… I’m going to have trouble believing you.

Disney is preparing to release its own streaming service next year, and with that in play the House of Mouse will be removing its movies from Netflix. The belief had been that the Marvel series were safe and nothing would happen with them. But then last Friday we see Iron Fist get the axe. And now Luke Cage. Where is this going to stop?

Daredevil season 3 just arrived. Jessica Jones season 3  has been filmed, as has The Punisher season 2. My feeling is we will indeed see those two filmed seasons, but I’m also now in the cap of thinking that those will be the end of the Netflix Marvel shows. And, honestly, fine. The Disney streaming service can launch their own stuff, and we can move on.

If I was Netflix I wouldn’t want to be promoting the competitions properties. I don’t think anyone can blame them for that. There’s nothing saying you won’t see those shows revived on Netflix. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

For now… I really want some more Luke Cage. It’s a great show.

… I can live without Iron Fist.

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