October 21 2018

Small Change Coming to Movie Coverage Coming in 2019

This is very much a housekeeping post, but an important one to my annual “Movies of the year” or “movies of the quarter” posts.

I used to do all the upcoming releases for the year in one post, and it was just too difficult, especially when you got to the later months. Then I moved to quarterly, and that made things way easier.

Even at the quarter level I’ve been seeing issues with trailers coming out for the third month films right after I publish. Or a film moves out the quarter completely.

Starting with January release I will be publishing monthly posts on the last Saturday of each month. So, January 2019 will come out on the last Saturday of Dec. 2018 and so on.

Like I said, housekeeping, but since this is one of my biggest projects I do, figured I’d update you on the plans.

And why the picture from X-Men: Dark Phoenix? It was pretty much the film that brought this on.

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