November 1 2018

It’s Time for Ridley Scott to Retire

I love Ridley Scott. He has brought us some amazing films such as Alien and Blade Runner. But his output since Gladiator has not been great. In fact, it’s been pretty horrible. Prometheus and Alien: Covenant were just… ugh.

Now he’s working on a sequel to Gladiator for no good reason. This is not a film anyone has been asking for, and it is certainly not one many of us want. And who should write this? Well, Peter Craig has been tapped. Who is Craig? Oh, well, he just wrote Top Gun: Maverick… another movie no one asked for.

This is just not a film I feel any need for it to even exist.

Everyone needs to just sit Scott down and tell him it’s time. It’s time to stop embarrassing himself and let us live with the movies we loved from him.

Stupid Hollywood studios…

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