November 3 2018

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Why I’m Sitting This One Out

I loved the original Red Dead Redemption. Not just loved… worshipped would be more accurate. With that in mind you would think I would be knee deep in Red Dead Redemption II, but for right now I’m skipping it.


I’m sorry, but I’m not going to spend my extremely limited video game time brushing my horse or making sure to bather so characters will speak to me.

I think there is a very fine line to walk with video games. While many of today’s games are far too short, I’m willing to put in 70 some hours on something like the original Red Dead Redemption. At the same time, I want to feel like I’m an adventure and not going to a second job. This game is even taking into account what you are wearing for the environment you’re in so expect to change clothes a lot.

Oh, and did I mention the temperature also impacts your horse’s testicles? Well… it does.

While I’m all for game developers making games for all levels of commitment, I’m just sad what went from a fun spaghetti western simulator has turned into what sounds like… well… life.

I’ll always have fond memories of the first game, but somehow I think I will be skipping the sequel for good.

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