November 4 2018

Standard Time – Yeah, This is Idiotic

Of all the issues in this world, the one that I don’t hear anyone screaming, “You don’t dare do this!” about is changing the clocks twice a year.

I understand there used to be a reason for this… kinda. It started as a way to help farmers, which I still don’t understand. It moved the sunlight to an earlier hour… okay, fine. You still get the exact same number of hours of sunlight, so what does it matter what time it starts and stops?

And let us also not forget we are no longer a primarily agrarian culture, so why are we still shackled to this insanity? Is there anyone left that can make an argument for why this makes sense? Japan doesn’t follow it and it doesn’t seem to be the end of their world. The U.K. does it at a different time than most and it doesn’t bring the world crashing down.

Heck, parts of the U.S. don’t do it which just leads to even more confusion all around.

I appreciate the fact we’ve shrunk the number of months it lasts, but why stop there? Lets just be done with this stupidity.

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