November 10 2018

Michelle Yeoh in Talks for New Star Trek Series

CBS is reportedly eyeing another Star Trek series, and this one would be a spin-off of Star Trek Discovery.

According to sources speaking with Deadline, CBS has yet another Star Trek series on the drawing board. This one would focus on Michelle Yeoh’s role of Emperor Georgiou. Towards the end of season 1 the evil version of Groegiou was trapped in our universe and had to assume the life of her deceased doppelganger. She was then recruited by Starfleet’s shadowy Section 31.

CBS All Access is aiming for something Star Trek to be airing at all times, and this would definitely help fill that need. Currently, there is a new Picard series in the works as well as an animated series, and a comedy called Star Trek Below Decks.

While I love Yeoh, and the character is fine, I just don’t see any need for a whole series around her. Maybe a limited series? That I could live with.

Source: Deadline .

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