November 11 2018

When Will We Hit Too Many Streaming Services?

As I write this I’m watching a show on DC Universe. This morning I caught up on Saturday Night Live on Hulu. Last night I was watching Yes, Minister on Brit Box.

While I’ve already talked about hitting too many TV shows, when are we going to hit saturation on the number of streaming options? And then I thought about the upcoming Disney+. A service that I keep saying, “Well, that’s a no-brainer subscription!” but… is it?

At what point am I going to finally say, “I can’t subscribe to any more of these niche services?” Thankfully my Netflix is covered by my T-Mobile account (a perk I still don’t totally understand, but I appreciate), so that one isn’t a consideration. But I’m going to have to seriously start considering how many of these other services I am going to continue with down the road.

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