November 17 2018

When a No Name HBO Host Talks About Things They Don’t Understand

Some days it’s just not even worth feeding the trolls.

A No Name HBO Host decided to launch an attack on comic books and Stan Lee. Why? Who knows. And my first reaction was that I should write a lengthy rebuttal, but then it dawned on me that is what he wants. You see, if I was to go on at length about his complete lack of understanding of the history of comics, the legacy of illustrated storytelling, and the cultural impact of Stan Lee, I would have to say No Name HBO Host’s name repeatedly.

I would have to write it in the headline.

I would write it in the post URL.

I would write it in the social media mentions of this post.

I would need to link to his blog post which would in turn help promote his post.

Heck, I would even name the image file for the post with his name. (for the record, the file is named no-name-hbo-host.jpeg)

As someone who works in the world of online media, I know that all of these things I just listed help him in the long run. No matter how precise my attack might be about how he gets even basic facts wrong – Japan is the largest base of comic reading adults in the world, not the U.S., making part of his argument entirely moot – I would be helping his search engine results. I would be promoting him while still being a nobody with a blog screaming into the void.

I could go on about how he said Stan Lee had no cultural impact (this is a summation of his thoughts, I can’t use a quote without giving credit), but yet when Hugh Hefner died he went on at length about his contributions to the sexual revolution. I wouldn’t say he’s wrong about Hefner, but the hypocrisy is stunning.

Additionally, I could discuss how his views of the comic medium are so woefully out of date with the modern state of the industry as to be laughable. The argument that comics are kids stuff died in the mid-1980s when people finally realized that a lack of pictures in storytelling somehow elevated the work to literature and what adults should be reading.

No Name HBO Host’s rant was the cyber equivalent of “OLD MAN YELLS AT CLOUD” from The Simpsons. People mourned the passing of a pop culture icon that worked in a medium No Name HBO Host doesn’t understand. It was no different than people mourning the passing of Prince. They were both artists, their art was just produced through different mediums.

Just as people say you shouldn’t punch downwards, the same goes for upwards. No Name HBO Host will never enjoy the cultural significance of Stan Lee, or even that of the medium of comics. Instead, his rant comes off looking like a sad individual clawing for any form of cultural relevance. And if it means stepping on the body of a recently passed cultural icon, so be it.

If you want to read No Name HBO Host’s rant, it’s not difficult to find. I won’t link to it as he doesn’t need the “Google Juice” as we call it that a backlink provides. He doesn’t need another mention of his name that will make him turn up in search engine rankings. He needs to realize that some people enjoy things that he doesn’t, and that’s totally alright. But as we don’t tear down what he enjoys, we should be paid the same respect no matter what his personal opinion may be.

So, no, I’m not angry with No Name HBO Host. I don’t have time in my life for such things any more. If nothing else, I merely pity his sad and unfulfilled life.

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