November 18 2018

Childish Things are My Jam

No Name HBO Host is still in my craw. While his own hypocrisy is stunning, it was more I thought about how I live my life.

Let me just be upfront here: Not one thing in my life is changing, so don’t go worrying.

You know why I love comic books? They are the perfect blend of artwork and literature. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so when you marry words in pictures, think of how many more words you’re getting. Are some comics dumb as rocks? Yes. Do you love every single painting you see in a museum? I didn’t think so.

I love cartoons. I love studying the trends in the industry – someday I’ll figure out the “Weird Creature + Teenagers solving mysteries trend of the 1970s – and I appreciate the artwork and effort that goes into them. I’m also an enormous fan of voice actors. These are some of the most talented people on earth in my view. You look at the acting credits of someone such as Tara Strong and it’s mind-blowing the range of characters she has played.

Watch a few minutes of that video and tell me she isn’t insanely talented.

Toys. Oh, toys. You tell me another piece of sculpture – yes, that is what they are – that you’re allowed to touch and play with? Have you ever really looked at a Transformer? Could you design something like that? Could you then design it in such a way that it can be mass produced at a cost that allows it to still be sold in a retail environment?

That’s okay. We’ll wait.

My life is filled with comic books, cartoons, and toys.

And I work around 14 hours a day. I pay my bills. I buy my own insurance. I help take care of my family. If I don’t nail “adulting” I don’t know who does.

But at the end of the day I need a break. If that break consists of things some people view as “childish”… what’s that saying about having no sexual intercourse to give? Yeah… that one. That’s my opinion if you don’t like my choice of relaxation.

My view in life has always been very live and let live. You may be into something I couldn’t care less about, but you know what? More power to you. Embrace your passions. It is not my place, or anyone else’s, to pass judgment on you for having something you care about. So long as what you do does not harm another, you run with that passion.

To say that what someone does is childish. Or to say that it shows a lack of intelligence is just bullying plain and simple. It is the equivalent of yelling “NERD!” at someone in grade school.

Now, excuse me, I’m going back to finish my work for the day. And then tonight… I think I’m still working my way through Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels.

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