November 20 2018

Northern Exposure is Next on the Revival Train

Do we really need to return to Cicely, Alaska? It seems some people think so.

Northern Exposure is the latest show CBS is considering a revival of. I don’t know how I feel about this. I thought the first few seasons were brilliant, and then it just… eh. It was fine. I wanted to go back years later and watch the first season or two, but due to musical licensing rights I was stuck with royalty free music and when a show features a radio station, that doesn’t work.

Rob Morrow is apparently set to return, as our series creators Josh Brand and John Falsey. John Corbett is also involved, so a lot of key players are set to do this.

Apparently, the show would see Dr. Joel Fleischman (Morrow) return to Cicely for a funeral and meet a new group of wacky characters peppered in with returning ones.

I don’t know. I’m very burned out on this whole revival thing. There’s just too much new stuff being produced I want to see to go backwards at this point.

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