November 23 2018

4K is Probably Here to Stay

I’ve gone through the VHS/Beta war. I picked the losing side in HD-DVD/Blu-ray. But something feels different this time with 4K. I think this one is going to play out a bit differently.

I finally have ordered a 4K player because I’ve been losing out on some review opportunities by not having one. With that comes some upgrading, but not a ton. That’s what I like about this time around, old Blu-rays still work, and 4K is completely optional. If I choose to pick up a movie in that format, fine. But if I choose to still pick it up at the cheaper price in standard Blu-ray, fine.

Yes, the argument can be made, “But everything is streaming now!” True. But some of us also still live with data caps and that’s a lot of bandwidth.

That’s why I think this has a shot this time around. If it doesn’t survive, well, your 4K player can still play Blu-rays, and it only cost you slightly more.

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