December 4 2018

Captain Marvel Trailer – How Not to Cut a Trailer

A movie trailer is supposed to get you excited for a film. It’s supposed to leave you with questions and curiosity.

The Captain Marvel trailer failed.

Lets watch first.

Let me be super clear, I am critiquing the trailer cut, not the film itself. I have high hopes for the film.

A trailer is supposed to fill you with excitement and get you pumped for the possibilities of what’s to come. This, on the other hand, felt like I had been handed a textbook and told to cram for the quiz we’re having in 15 minutes.

Wait… what’s a Skrull again? And they’re different from the Kree how? Oh, and you’ve lost your memory, but you know… oh, and you were rescued and…

This trailer went for information overload, and that just doesn’t work in a short time span. I’m all for backstory and digging in, but not in a trailer setting.

There is an art to cutting a good trailer, and it was not exercised here in the least. Dial it back, get me pumped… don’t make me take notes in a 2 minute and 30-second setting.

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