December 5 2018

Snake-Eyes Movie Finds a Director

Hasbro is determined to get G.I. Joe off the ground at the theater again, and it looks like we may just cut to the chase and go straight for Snake-Eyes.

Robert Schwentke (RED, Divergent) is said to be in early talks to tackle a Snake-Eyes solo movie. This would be the third film in the G.I. Joe franchise from Paramount, but no word on if this film would connect to the two previous entries or be a fresh start for the brand.

Snake-Eyes was one of the first figures released in the G.I. Joe toy line in 1982 and quickly became a fan favorite. In later years a ninja was introduced for Cobra named Storm Shadow and a backstory was built to connect the two popular characters. They are now inseparable in the G.I. Joe mythos.

The talks are labeled as being ‘early stage,’ so don’t expect to hear anything too soon on this project.

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