December 9 2018

The Good Place Deserves All the Awards

It’s rare a TV episode deserves praise on its own, but that is exactly what episode 310, “Janet(s),” of The Good Place does deserve.

I make no bones about loving The Good Place on NBC. I have never seen a show that is so willing to take risks and recreate itself time after time. It’s bold and audacious, and you have to love it for that.

In this week’s episode nothing was really recreated, but instead, we got to see D’Arcy Carden play not only Good Janet, but Medieum Janet… Eleanor… Chidi… Jason… Tahani… oh, that was all. Not only did she impersonate them, but then played off herself in multiple scenes.

It was amazing to watch, and apparently, a year of planning went into the episode. It showed.

I encourage you to watch The Good Place in general, but this episode, in particular, deserves your time.

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