December 16 2018

Record Number of Scripted Shows Aired on TV in 2018

Just how much TV is too much TV? Apparently, we haven’t figured that out yet as we set a new record for scripted shows in 2018.

Yes… that is exactly how opened this post 2015, 2016, and 2017. I can’t help it if it keeps happening.

The FX Network has been tracking the number of scripted shows across various platforms for years now. It tracks the number of scripted shows across broadcast, basic cable, premium cable, and OTT platforms.

While the overall number grew by only eight this year, where those shows are distributed is the big story. Online and premium cable grew, while broadcast and basic cable shrank.

These numbers do not include reality, news, sports, made-for-television movies, specials, daytime and children’s programming.

Here’s a second chart that really breaks down how the outlets have shifted.

This upcoming year is going to be an interesting one. With the acquisition of Fox by Disney, the Fox network is going to be out most of its scripted shows. While we know things like The Simpsons and Family Guy will survive, I’m expecting a drop off there in scripted programs. But, then you have even more online outlets picking up steam with DC Universe adding multiple shows, the upcoming launch of Disney Plus and so on.

Can’t wait for the 2019 charts.

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