December 22 2018

TV Shows Now Have Post-Credit Scenes and it’s Annoying

I watched the season finale of Titans the other day, and as soon as the credits fired up, I turned it off. As most sane people would. It was only some time later that I saw people discussing the post-credits scene that has huge ramifications on the future that I knew anything was up.

I won’t reveal what that scene is in case you want to catch it for yourself, but seriously? I know this has become a thing at the movie theater, and it’s annoying enough there, but now it’s in our homes as well? And especially at home where we aren’t trained to wait through credits, it would be nice if there some kind of warning that we may want to stick around.

So if you haven’t watched episode 11 of Titans yet, make sure you stick around through the credits for some big hints towards season 2.

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