December 25 2018

Not Every TV Show Needs More Than a Season

Rarely do I read opinion pieces that I agree with almost every word of it, but that’s what happened with Vulture. Not every show needs more than one season. Sometimes it’s way better to tell a story and get out.

While the author Kathryn VanArendonk names multiple examples, there are two that definitely stuck out to me this year. I enjoyed the first season of Handmaids Tale on Hulu, but season 2 felt pointless. All the stakes had been lost as you knew there was no way that Offred/June (Elisabeth Moss) was going to leave Gilead because that would bring the show to a very boring new chapter. It made for a very yawn-inducing second round of episodes.

The other for me was 13 Reasons Why. I loved season 1. It was moving, it was tense, it was amazingly acted and so on. But there was absolutely no reason for a season 2. I tried it, made it 5 minutes and went, “Nope, I’m good.” I quickly discovered I had no interest to add on to what was a nearly perfect self-contained series. I am thrilled with what I got and felt no need to expand the story.

More shows need to think about this. Not everything needs to just go on and on. It works in other countries, but in the U.S. we believe everything should be renewed.

Well, I’m doing a lot more pruning on my own and I’m quite happy about it.

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