January 1 2019

Biggest Box Office Flops of 2018

It’s that time of year where we see which films were the biggest box office flops of 2018.

2018 has come to a close, so now we can see what films were sure to have gotten at least a few executives yelled at.

A few notes on the table, the vast majority of those listed are obvious to have not turned a profit, but those that appear to have a total higher than their budget doesn’t mean they made any money. The rule of thumb is take the global gross, divide it by two and then subtract the budget to figure out if a film made a profit. This takes into account marketing costs, the higher percentage distributors take overseas and so on.

Domestic Box Office
Foreign Box Office
Production Budget
7 Days in Entebbe$3,326,885$5,358,216$8,685,101Unknown
12 Strong$45,819,713$21,631,102$67,450,815$70,800,000
The 15:17 to Paris$36,276,286$20,800,000 $57,076,286$30,000,000
Action Point$5,059,608N/A$5,059,608$19,000,000
Adrift$31,445,012$28,500,000 $59,945,012 $35,000,000
Bad Times at the El Royale$17,839,115$13,721,162$31,560,277$32,000,000
Billionaire Boy's Club$1,349$2,208,340$2,209,689$15,000,000
The Catcher Was a Spy$712,438$228,730$941,168Unknown
The Darkest Minds$12,695,691$28,446,688$41,142,379$34,000,000
Death Wish$34,017,028N/A$34,017,028$30,000,000
Early Man$8,267,544$46,355,270$54,622,814$50,000,000
Fahrenheit 11/9$6,352,306N/A$6,352,306$4 to $5,000,000
The Girl in the Spider's Web$14,841,338$19,378,000$34,219,338$43,000,000
The Happytime Murders$20,706,452$6,800,000$27,506,452$40,000,000
Holmes & Watson$19,706,408$4,000,000$23,706,408$42,000,000
Hotel Artemis$6,708,147$6,041,527$12,749,674$15,000,000
Hunter Killer$15,767,460N/A$15,767,460$40,000,000
The Hurricane Heist$6,115,825N/A$6,115,825$35,000,000
A Kid Like Jake$44,824N/A$44,824Unknown
Life Itself$4,102,648$1,792,455$5,895,103$10,000,000
London Fields$252,676N/A$252,676$8,000,000
Mortal Engines$14,687,905$47,900,000$62,587,905$100,000,000
The Nutcracker and the Four Realms$54,555,150$111,815,005$166,370,155$120,000,000
Operation Finale$17,612,099N/A$17,612,099$24,000,000
Pacific Rim Uprising$59,587,110$230,875,582$290,462,692$150,000,000
The Predator$51,024,708$109,517,426$160,542,134$88,000,000
Proud Mary$20,877,013$876,352$21,753,365$14,000,000
Red Sparrow$46,874,505$104,698,129$151,572,634$69,000,000
Robin Hood$30,637,019$42,740,595$73,377,614$100,000,000
Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero$3,782,328N/A$3,782,328$25,000,000
Sherlock Gnomes$43,242,871$47,102,215$90,345,086$59,000,000
The Sisters Brothers$3,143,056N/A$3,143,056$38,000,000
Solo: A Star Wars Story$213,767,512$179,157,295$392,924,807Unknown
The Spy Who Dumped Me$33,562,069$41,758,611$75,320,680 $40,000,000
Welcome to Marwen$7,765,090N/A$7,765,090$39,000,000
White Boy Rick$24,011,188$76,046$24,087,234$29,000,000
A Wrinkle in Time$100,478,608$32,197,256$132,675,864$100 to $130,000,000

This year went slightly better than expected, but not by much. The number dropped from 45 in 2017 to 44 this year.

Once again there is no real trend to see in topics, settings, genres or even actors.

Here’s hoping that 2019 sees the number of flops drop, but somehow I think we’re going to see a similar sized list.

A few movies are still in release, but they have little to no hope of breaking even.

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