January 5 2019

A Few Notes on Email

In an average day, I receive between 100 and 200 emails. That’s just part of my life, but as of late, I have three massive complaints.

  1. You know that awesome idea you have to auto send the email at 9am in your time zone so it comes in just as I start my workday? Remember, 50 other people had the same idea. 9am Pacific and Eastern are the worst by far. Just… stop.
  2. If you put “Re: TOPIC” in your subject line, that seems like a reply. If I open the email and it’s not a reply, I’m done with you. It’s a lowball move and I have no time for it.
  3. Proof your email before you send it to me. You’re trying to convince me to cover your product. If you can’t take the time to do that why should I give you the time of day?

There are such simple things. Lets try to do all of them, shall we?

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