January 6 2019

Following My Own Rules

I didn’t mean to do a series on work-related stuff, but here we ware.

With tomorrow being the first full week of work since the holidays, and 40 days to Toy Fair, I’m going to start emailing my contacts on Monday to book appointments. What am I not going to do? Email them in the morning. All the emails will be sent in the afternoon.

The subject lines will be straightforward: “Booking Toy Fair Booth Tour.” I know, how crazy am I to spell out what the email is about?

I am going to provide them with a choice of time slots that are open and remind them of what time my appointment was last year to help them think of a time that will work.

Once I hear back, I will email to confirm… and we’re done.

In theory, no more than 3 emails in the chain and all spelled out upfront.

Is this really so tough?

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