January 15 2019

TechnoBuffalo No More – But I’m Not Going Anywhere

On Monday it was finally made completely official, has been sold. With it went some of the social assets, but not the entire company.

As to what is happening to me work wise, more on that in a moment, but first, here is Jon Rettinger to explain the big picture.

At to what happens to me, I opted to stay behind with Jon. Between my time with other sites and TechnoBuffalo I have been blogging about technology for over 12 years and well over 10,000 posts. I’m spent talking about battery capacities, headphone jacks, and pixel desnities. Don’t get me wrong, I still love technology, but on a day-to-day writing, grind I was burnt to a crisp.

Now a new adventure begins. I had already told you about The Nerdy when it launched. That was not included in the sale of assets. Along the way, we also picked up a family of hero sites – Batman-News, SuperheroNews, and SpidermanNews – and those three, combined with The Nerdy, are now my full-time job.

The video department of the company is still in full production mode, but I have less interaction with them them now as they are still focused on tech.

When I decided to give up my own company years ago and go full-time with Jon and crew, it was because I needed a new challenge. I had been my own boss and a retailer for over 25 years at that point, and it was time for a gear shift. My hope had always been to get into entertainment reporting, and this covers the gambit now. I can go from talking toys one minute, to writing up Star Trek news the next. I can talk Batman. I can talk Star Wars. I can talk comics. I can talk anime.

In other words, I have been training for this next chapter of my career since 1976 when my dad brought home that first comic book.

I hope you will all follow along as I go down this road. I promise it will never bo boring.

Here are all of the sites I will now run on a daily basis:

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