January 19 2019

Dueling Fyre Festival Documentaries

How do you know your music festival was a failure? Well, first it doesn’t happen. Then, second, two documentaries are made and they come out in the same week.

Fyre Festival was astounding to watch unfold live back when it happened, and now having watched two documentaries on it in the same week, it’s even more astounding how this all went down.

You can catch Fyre Fraud on Hulu and Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened on Netflix. While Hulu got Billy McFarland, the head of Fyre, in its film, the Netflix documentary is the better production.

If you’ve ever been fascinated by human behavior, how people can be con people, and how people can be sucked into a con… these won’t answer any of those questions. If anything, they leave you with more.

While there are many massive events pulled off successfully around the world week in, week out, this is just a full-on example of how wrong it can all go.

Oh, and Billy McFarland totally deserved his jail time. Here’s hoping he serves the full sentence.

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