January 20 2019

Kevin Feige Shoots Down the Concept of Superhero Fatigue

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has made it clear that he does not feel superhero fatigue has kicked in and it’s a silly concept.

Critics and pundits keep trying to say that superhero fatigue has kicked in and comic book movies are doomed. The problem is, the box office results seem to disagree with them… a lot. Speaking with Variety, Feige explained his thoughts on the topic.

Not only has there not been the quote-unquote superhero fatigue that people have been asking me about since years before ‘Iron Man,’ but here we are having our biggest year ever. Our instincts have always guided us, and the successes have always just encouraged us to keep following those instincts.

With $17.5B at the global box office to Marvel Studios name, I have to think he might just be right. There are three more Marvel films on the way this year, we’ll just have to see how those do.

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