January 22 2019

What Ever Became of Generation X?

It seems that Generation X may be on its way to being the forgotten generation at this point.

While speaking with my mother last week I asked a somewhat rhetorical question about what happened to Generation X. “What’s happened? It’s as if you aren’t a Baby Boomer or a Millenial you just don’t matter and my generation has just completely been forgotten.”

Then, as if by some cosmic joke, CBSN decided to make my random thought a reality.

Now, either someone in the graphics department completely failed at their job and just didn’t notice there was 15 years of age missing, or they truly have decided Gen X is that irrelevant.

Look, it isn’t as if I’m trying to say we were special, or we  have to be listened to, but at this point it’s as if we are literally being forgotten by the world. There was a time where media was obsessed with us. We were going to be slackers. We were directionless and doomed to failure.

Now you may know us the grumpy people who come in early to work and generally leave later than everyone else because, “Well, someone has to get this report done.”

What I find really funny in all of this? Somehow we aren’t important enough to be in the political discussions it would seem. That we aren’t discussed in the seemingly endless generational warfare happening. Yet somehow… somehow it’s our childhoods that are being plundered for the entertainment industry. That seems to be the one place where we matter. We had a gigantic hand in shaping pop culture that exists to this day in everything from Cabbage Patch Kids to Transformers. Our musical tastes are plundered for Broadway shows. We make corportations billions of dollars because we consumed like made a few decades ago.

And yet, somehow, we don’t matter enough to even be included on a news graphic discussing the various generations.

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