January 23 2019

It’s Time to Give Up on the New Mutants

Rumors are saying the New Mutants movie is delayed yet again. My thinking is it’s just time to give up.

Even though we got a trailer all the way back in Oct. 2017, the film was immediately delayed following that. the film was delayed to August 2019. The plan was a massive retooling would happen with reshoots commencing in Sept. 2018.

Well, it’s late Jan. 2019 and no reshoots have happened. There hasn’t even been talk of them happening. And now comes word the film could be delayed from Aug. 2019 to Nov. 2019. There are even rumors that it could go straight to Hulu.

With the Disney/Fox deal speeding to a close, and we know the X-Men universe is going to be done away with, it’s time to just kill this film. At this point it’s just an oddity that doesn’t make sense to even release. And believe me, this saddens me. I was a huge fan of the New Mutants comics, I want to see these characters in a film, but this is just not sounding like the place to do it at this point.

Lets just close this chapter, get the mutants in the MCU and go from there. I want a New Mutants movie. I want to see Cannonball, Wolfsbane, Boom Boom, Karma, Magik, and so on on the big screen, but lets do it right.

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