January 25 2019

When is a Spinoff Not a Spinoff?

The CW has announced that it has ordered four new pilots for the next TV season. Mixed in amongst them is Katy Keene, a teen model character from the world of Archie Comics. This project is apparently being considered the second spinoff from Riverdale, with the first one being Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Here’s the thing, can they be considered spinoffs when they merely exist in the same universe? It used to be you truly spun a character out of a show due to their popularity. Now just merely sharing a universe qualifies? Well, you could then take this definition to stupid levels. How about any show that hasn’t stated what universe it is in all share one universe? No? Okay then.

Yes, all of these characters spin out of comics published by Archie Comics, but that doesn’t make them “spinoffs.” That’s like saying every Marvel movie is a spinoff of Iron Man since it came first.

Just say you’re building a universe. Words matter, even silly ones like these.

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