January 26 2019

No Name HBO Host Takes Another Swipe at Fandom

In some ways I feel sorry for No Name HBO Host. I mean, how desperate must you be for attention to dredge up an argument from two months ago and attack it again?

As a refresher, No Name HBO Host attacked fans of Stan Lee last November for not being adults. Then he tried to tell everyone how they had misunderstood what he was bitching about, so that led to more whining from him.

This was all pre-Thanksgiving. The holidays happened, the calendar changed over, and to be blunt, we all moved on with our lives.

He didn’t.

Friday night on his show, No Name HBO Host decided to bring it all back up again. Here is a transcript of the rant on his show via

Tonight’s editorial is about Stan Lee who, if you missed it, died in November. And a few days later, I posted a blog that in no way was an attack on Mr. Lee, but took the occasion of his death to express my dismay at people who think comic books are literature and superhero movies are great cinema and who, in general, are stuck in an everlasting childhood. Bragging that you’re all about the Marvel Universe is like boasting your mother still pins your mittens to your sleeves.

You can, if you want, like the exact same things you liked when you were ten but if you do, you need to grow up. That was the point of my blog. I’m not glad Stan Lee is dead, I’m sad you’re alive. […] “Director Kevin Smith accused me of “taking a shot when no shots are f**kin’ necessary,” except again my shot wasn’t at Stan Lee. It was at, you know, grown men who still dress like kids,” Maher said as he showed a picture of Smith wearing a branded hockey jersey.

Can we stop pretending that the writing in comic books is so good? Oh, please. Every superhero movie is the same thing — a person who doesn’t have powers, gets them, has to figure out how they work, and then has to find a glowy thing. […] “I’m sorry, but if you’re an adult playing with superhero dolls, I’m sorry – I mean collectible action figures – why not go all the way and drive to work on a Big Wheel?

We’re Over It

Is it even really worth dissecting? Is it even really worth pointing out that, apparently, he thinks the comic writers also write the films? (they don’t)

Somehow, No Name HBO Host has decided that he is the arbiter of what is and isn’t appropriate for adults to enjoy. If you like something he does not deem worthy, you are a child and worthy of insult. You know how real adults handle things like this? They don’t give a damned how someone else spends their leisure time. That’s being an adult. That’s being mature enough to know that, “Hey, it truly is different strokes for different folks.”

Honestly, the content of what he said matters little. What matters is that just over two months later he brings this back to the front burner apropos of… nothing? Everyone had moved on with our lives and forgotten about this. But sometimes someone’s narcissism is so intense they can’t stand the thought of anyone forgetting them.

Good for you, No Name HBO Host. You got us all to look in your general direction again for 15 minutes. Thank you for the reminder of just how culturally insignificant you truly are compared to what you’re attacking. Were you aware that Batman is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year? Do you think anyone is going to remember you in 80 years?

Just in case you’re new here and wonder why I never said his name, I prefer he not get the satisfaction of any search engine help. Even the image doesn’t contain his name.

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