January 30 2019

Star Wars: The Mandalorian May See Another Classic Character Return

It appears another classic character is going to show up in Star Wars The Mandalorian, and I am so over this idea.

Look, a galaxy is a large place. Who knows how many being there are in the Star Wars galaxy. Trillions? Quadrillions? Who knows.

With that in mind, how do we keep running into the same characters? I get a few of them, but from this picture it looks as though R5-D4 will show up on The Mandalorian.

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For those who don’t remember R5-D4, he was the droid who blew a motivator at the Lars homestead in A New Hope that led to them buying R2-D2 instead.

My hope is he’ll just be in the background and no one will say a word about him, but come on, it is getting silly how much some of these characters encounter one another. Lets do something completely fresh.

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