February 1 2019

Escape From New York clears the decks yet again

Remember how I said I have to keep this site going to see Masters of the Universe finally be completed? Add the Escape From New York remake to that list as I’m about eight years deep on this one now.

Leigh Whannell (Upgrade) is in demand right now. He just signed on with Universal to write a remake of The Invisible Man, and now Fox has signed him to tackle the reboot of Escape From New York. And since Robert Rodriguez has apparently exited as director, there is also talk that Whannell may get to direct.

Apparently, Whannell has some plans for the reboot and wants to avoid the bloat that has impacted other reboot attempts as of late, but as I always say, we could just not make it. I’m rebooted out, folks. Lets get back to making some original material so there’s something to be rebooted in 20 to 30 years…

Source: The Hollywood Reporter .

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