February 10 2019

I am so over winter

Enough. I’m done.

On Saturday I ran into town with my father for groceries. It was our first run in some time due to snow… then ice… then more snow on the way. Due to ice this past week, I have not seen my mail or UPS delivery folks since last Monday despite my having packages in town for delivery since Tuesday.

And this wasn’t just me. The grade schools shut down here. Garbage collection wasn’t running. The license bureau was closed. Kirksville, for the most part, has been closed for a week due to the weather.

Now I have to drive to Kansas City on Wednesday and I’m just crossing every body part I make it. The weather currently looks like it’s in my favor, but this is Missouri. Our favorite saying is, “Don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes.”

But I’m truly done with this winter. It can end any time now.

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