February 13 2019

We need to adopt the Japanese surgical masks trend

I try very hard to not get sick. I wash my hands constantly. I think about what I’m touching such as doors. I try my best to avoid it happening because it’s inconvenient to a lot of people.

One luxury I do have, however, is I work from home. So when I do get sick, only I have to deal with the germs. I know that’s lucky, and I appreciate it.

In 2013 I got the flu while at CES. I got some surgical masks and when I had to fly home I wore them so as not to spread it. I even had a TSA agent thank me for doing so, and that’s about the last person you would expect to be all for you hiding your face. It was a courtesy to those around me, and something that is super common in Japan.

On Tuesday, after eight days of no mail due to ice, they finally brought me my mail… and the carrier had a cold. Not that they know this, but I’m hours away from leaving on a business trip. Even without that in mind, you still brought a cold to my home. I get you have to work, but mask up. And that goes for anyone. If you work with anyone, serve anyone, and you have to be in public, put on a mask.

No it doesn’t look awesome, and I don’t care. I would much rather not give anyone what I have, and I certainly don’t want to catch whatever it is you have.

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