February 17 2019

My time is precious, and if you’re sick… don’t touch me

Toy Fair is in full swing, and weird things are happening that just boggle my mind.

I will not be naming any names in this, so just stick with me.

Instance 1 My time is precious

I am someone who believes being on time is being late. I try to arrive to all my appointments 7 – 10 minutes early. I am happy to stand to the side and wait if the rep isn’t available, but they should never wait on me.

I arrived at my meeting scheduled on the hour at 10 minutes to and checked in. “Oh, she just started a tour.”

“No problem, I’ll wait.”

12 minutes after my start time someone goes to talk to her, she comes and says she’s had a domino effect of late arrivals all day and she says I can wait some more or come back at a choice of times. I tell I’ll wait if she gives me someplace to sit which she does immediately.

As I sit there, I can hear her other tour wrapping up. She’s trying to hustle them out of the booth, but instead, they decide it’s time to discuss personal matters with her despite knowing I’m sitting there.

I have no issue with the rep, she did what she could. But this all started with people being late. It has a knock on effect, people. If you’re late, you reschedule as you’re at fault. This ended up making me nearly late for my next two appointments, and I don’t appreciate that your tardiness did that to me.

Instance 2 Don’t touch me

Another booth. I despise shaking hands. It’s a barbaric and stupid greeting that still exists for some reason.

The rep reaches out, shakes my hand, and speaks. I hear it instantly. “You don’t feel well, do you.”

“Oh yeah, no I don’t. Sorry about that.”

I immediately withdraw my hand and tell him to stand a good distance from me during my booth tour, he complies.

Upon finishing the tour, he turns to leave me, I drop my pen and kick it under their cabinet. I’ve touched it with the same hand and I want nothing to do with it. I use hand sanitizer so I can handle my camera and shoot my photos. As soon as I leave the booth I find a bathroom and vigorously wash my hands and face.

I have two days of Toy Fair left. I do not need your sickness. And you should know better. Do not offer me your hand and for the love of everything, wear a mask.

Do you know one of the original reasons Japanese bowed as a greeting? To reduce physical contact. Why do we insist on shaking hands. Stop it.

I’m seriously considering adopting the Howie Mandel fist bump from here on out.

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