February 20 2019

From Thor to the Hulkster, Chris Hemsworth to play Hulk Hogan

Netflix looks set to produce a biographical film of Hulk Hogan. The bigger news, however, is probably who will play the Hulkster.

Chris Hemsworth is set to play Hulk Hogan in a film from director Todd Phillips (the upcoming Joker movie) and writer Scott Silver. The film will cover the rise and impact of Hulkamania, but looks as though it will avoid the infamous sex tape and the lawsuit that led to the demise of Gawker.

While there’s no question Hulk Hogan was a pop culture icon for many years, I would be way more interested in a documentary than some partially fictionalized drama. So we’ll see the WWE – the WWF at that time – decided to make him the star, and… then what?

I’ll inevitably still end up watching, but I can’t even tell you for sure why I will.

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