February 22 2019

When does a TV cast get too big?

Over on Batman-News I’ve been following the development of Stargirl for DC Universe for some time. And at this super early stage – nothing has been shot yet – I’m already wondering if the cast is too big.

The titular role went to Brec Bassinger, with Luke Wilson grabbing the role of Pat Dugan, aka Stripe. Other casting announcements have included Joel McHale as Starman, Brian Stapf will be suiting up as Wildcat, Lou Ferrigno Jr. is Hourman, and even the Injustice Society is getting in on the series as well. And the last casting announcement was for Meg DeLacy as Cindy Burman and Jake Austin Walker in an unknown role.

And that’s not the entire cast. I know of at least four more regulars that are being added.

I get it, sometimes it takes a large roster to tell a story, but if I already feel like I need a scorecard and you haven’t even begun filming, perhaps you’re going overboard a bit?

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