February 23 2019

Young Sheldon renewed for seasons 3 and 4

With the ending of The Big Bang Theory due to Jim Parsons wanting to move on, you had to wonder about the fate of Young Sheldon. Parsons serves as the narrator on the series as well as executive producer. If he truly wanted to separate himself from the character, would he continue?

It seems if he only has to do voice-overs, that he will indeed stay. CBS has renewed Young Sheldon for seasons 3 and 4 meaning it will stay on the air through the end of the of the 2020-2021 TV season.

With around 11 million viewers per episode, it’s no surprise CBS wanted to keep the series. And if all you have to do is go into a booth once every couple weeks, it had to be tough for Parsons to say no.

In a lot of ways the show has turned into its own thing that doesn’t rely on the parent series. If you know Sheldon’s history from TBBT, it makes a few things funnier, but it also very much stands on its own, and that’s a good thing.

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