March 1 2019

Hellboy trailer – Set boredom levels to 10

I want to like the new Hellboy, I really do. I’ve gotten over the fact they’re rebooting it, and I can live with that. But I still want to see a good take on this character. What I see in this trailer is about as generic a story as you can get.

Here’s the Hellboy Grann Band trailer.

If you really want to watch the Hellboy Red Band trailer, have at it. They curse a bit more and there’s blood.

This just feels so trite. You know every story beat in the movie from watching the trailer, and that’s just sad. You also realize whoever was hired for the makeup on Hellboy himself was not up to the task. At times you have issues hearing him, and other times you can clearly see the prosthetics lines. I shouldn’t be able to tell from a YouTube video that you didn’t blend correctly.

Reboot all you want, but at least try to live up to the standards of what you’re replacing.

Hellboy hits theaters on April 12.

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