March 2 2019

Paying through the nose for old movies

Splash will be 35-years-old next Saturday. If you want to purchase it right now on digital, it will set you back $17.99.

Over at The Nerdy I’m working on a series this year called 1984 Movie Reviews. I’m reviewing films on the anniversary of when they were released in 1984. I’ve got two sets in the hopper, and I’m discovering a lot of the films I need aren’t streaming anywhere. Not a problem, I’ll just buy them. In most cases I’ve found them reasonably priced digitally, and if not I’ve been able to get a cheap copy on Blu-ray.

I ran into a problem with Splash. It seems that the film is out-of-print on Blu-ray, so I had to buy it digitally.

… for $17.99

Luckily I had some saved up credits on Amazon that could be applied I ended up paying $11.99, but in what world is Splash worth $17.99 in 2019? Especially a digital copy which costs next to nothing to sell.

Sure, you can make the argument, “Well, it’s a fine price, you paid it!” Yes, I did… for a project. If I hadn’t already committed to this film being in the rotation there is no way earth I would ever pay that for a 35-year-old film.

That’s just pure insanity, folks.

I really hope you all enjoy the review next weekend (It will be a double feature with Children of the Corn), because it certainly cost eough.

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