March 7 2019

I’m not going to watch you, and that’s okay

My name is Sean, and I have a television problem.

Up until recently, I have always lived under a belief that I must watch everything that I was the least bit interested in. And then I have finally come to realize, there is simply not enough time in this world and I’m not going to beat myself up over it.

This all came about because the Twin Peaks revival is heavily discounted on Amazon right now. I don’t subscribe to Showtime, so I never saw it, and I thought I should order it. Then, as I stared at the screen, hovering near the button to buy it, I asked myself, “And when are you going to have time to watch this? And do you really need to watch it?”

No… I really don’t. I heard it was great, but is my life really any worse having not seen it? I mean, it’s over a year old now and my world hasn’t stopped spinning.

And I look at the stack of TV show boxed sets I hope to get to some day, still wrapped, and I wonder if I should just start selling those off. Because, really, am I ever going to get to them?

We’ll see if this lasts, but I think the day has finally come for me to just realize, no… I can’t watch it all.

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