March 9 2019

Spring Forward… into stupidity

Yes, I’m still going on about this. It’s 2019 and it is just absolutely absurd that we are still going through this agrarian ritual twice a year. We are no longer an agrarian society so why do we stay stuck on this?

And, honestly, why did it ever matter? People have tried explaining it to me over the years that farmers needed the extra hours of sunlight for this or that. Well, the length of time the sun is shining is no different just because the clock reads a different time. You just get up when you have to and you go to bed when you have to.

It seems like a fairly simple concept to any logical person.

But no, we have to screw with our sleep patterns twice a year, reset clocks and feel out of sorts for days because… well… someday someone might give me a reasonable answer.

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