March 10 2019

The joys of being tall

Let me be very clear, I know there are a lot worse things in this world than being tall. But I still have to say, being tall is not a joy.

For those that don’t know, I’m 6’4″. (Fine, like 6’3.75″ or some such) While there are taller people in this world to be sure, I wouldn’t want to be them.

All of this comes up because my office chair of over 20 years is finally dying. I’ve had repairs done to it in the past, but there is simply no more that can be done to it. And this is where the complaint kicks in.

I would love to just wander down to an office supply store and buy a chair, but I can’t. No, at my height you need a big and tall chair because of the length of my thighs. Most specifically, I need a deeper chair than most. From the back cushion to the front of my chair is about 22-inches. Your average chair is around 17 to 18-inches. This causes my lower legs to go numb if I sit in one for too long because of the way my circulation is cut off by the chair.

Then comes the fun of trying to find chairs. The dying chair took me almost a year to find. Luckily, the internet has improved and I found a new chair fairly quickly, and it even has a 30-day return policy if I don’t love it. Cool. But I still had to hunt it down.

Now… think about this in every single aspect of your life. Most stores don’t carry clothes in my size… many shoe stores do not stock a wide selection of shoes in my size… I have stayed in hotels where I am longer than the bed… I can’t count the number of times my knees have been in my teeth when riding in a cab.

(hence why I love British cabs)

in the back of an English cab

Again, I know this is very much a, “oh, poor you!” complaint, but after you’ve banged your head on some door jams, I think you’ll get it.

My new chair gets here Wednesday. There will be a service for the old chair which qualifies as my longest ever relationship.

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