March 12 2019

Big Bang Theory coming to an end in May

The Big Bang Theory is coming to an end. And I just don’t care anymore if people look down on me for watching it.

It has amazed me how much hate I have seen at times online for what is just a simple, harmless show. Fine, it wasn’t for everybody. Heck, there were even times where I wondered why I bothered to tune in that week, but I still did.

I think it boiled down to, I knew these guys. Hell, I was, and am, these guys. And while, yes, they were quite often the butt of jokes, I never felt the malice in the humor I have felt from other outlets. And if you can’t laugh at yourself at least a little, you’re taking yourself too seriously anyway.

It was far from a perfect, show, but I still enjoyed it. If you didn’t you’ll be glad to know it’s ending on May 16 with an hour-long episode.

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