March 24 2019

Air Hollywood makes movie magic

I love learning weird little things about filmmaking. The latest thing I’ve learned about it a business that has one job in life: Impersonate every aspect of taking a trip by plane.

All this time I just figured studios rented planes, and for airports, I figured they just went and rented small airports at odd hours. Nope. Say hello to Air Hollywood.

This makes so much sense to me. I’ve had an idea for years – and will never have the money to do it – that someone should build a permanent White House set somewhere. I’ve gotten so sick over the years of hearing about how much work went into building Oval Office sets for this movie or that, that I thought someone should build it and rent it out as needed. Well, this definitely follows that model.

Good for them. Of course, now any time I see a movie or TV show with a plane in it, I’m just going to immediately suspect this is where it was filmed.

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