March 26 2019

Enough with the pluses already

Hi there. Sean Aune here, professional internet person.

I just wanted to take a moment to inform companies what a damned pain in the ass their trend of naming things “something+” is.

See, search engines can’t see the “+” symbol. So, for us to write about your service, we have to write it out as “something plus.” Also, it can’t be used in the page address of anything as systems will strip the symbol out. If I was to write about Apple TV+, the dream would be for the page address to be apple-tv+ but instead, it would be apple-tv… your set-top box.

Well, that isn’t what people are looking for, now is it?

So I’m here to tell you… stop it.

If you want to name it “something+” then name is “something plus.” Stop being cute, because it’s not. All you are doing is infuriating all of us who work online and care about search engine optimization.

Signed – Everyone who works on the internet professionally.

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