March 27 2019

Twilight Zone trailer – I’m still not sure about this

The new Twilight Zone will premiere on Monday, and that means a new trailer has arrived.

CBS released a new Twilight Zone trailer, and I just still can’t get a handle on how I feel about this. I have seen all of the original episodes multiple times, and would gladly watch any of them multiple times more.

The show looks fine, it looks slick. I think the first thing I would have done, however, is to not remake any original episodes. Everyone knows ‘Terror at 20,000 Feet,’ and that’s where you want to cut your teeth?

I also think a mistake is being made with going such big-name actors. Yes, big-name actors appeared in the original series, but it was before they were names. Putting them in now is distracting from the story.

I love Twilight Zone and I will give this a chance, but I’m cautious to say the least.

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