April 3 2019

Joker trailer – Did they time travel to make this movie?

Do you remember in your childhood (depending on your age) when a movie would be about to start and you’d hear a hiss and then a pop from the audio? It happened with every movie, and it is something I will never unhear.

All the Joker trailer was missing was that hiss-pop.

With the way my job works now, I watch pretty much every movie trailer out there. There are, to be frank, a lot of very bad movie trailers. They tell you nothing. They jump around too much. They focus too long on something. The trailer for Joker is a really, really good trailer. It sets a mood. It establishes a time and place without having to just out and out tell you.

It does what a trailer should do, and that is to entice you.

I want to visit this world now. I want to see what’s there and what’s in the corners.

Notice I choose for my featured image not a shot of the Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) himself, but instead of the pre-Joker Arthur Fleck just walking down a street. This image tells you so much about his world.

Film is visual storytelling, and it’s shocking how often people forget to let the visuals speak. Todd Phillips (The Hangover) has done that here and I am very much on for this ride. I want to know where we’re dong.

Joker hits theaters on Oct. 4.

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