April 5 2019

G.I. Joe Snake-Eyes movie will be an origin story

Lorenzo di Bonaventura is out promoting Pet Sematary, and in that process, his other upcoming projects are being asked about.  Amongst those are The Meg 2, and McClane Рprobably the final Die Hard movie Рbut my interest is in G.I. Joe 3.

Yes, I admit the first two weren’t great, but the second one showed some promise. Add in this one is going to focus on Snake-Eyes, and it’s hard for me not to get excited.

How do you focus on a mute character? Well, Bumblebee just pulled it off, and that may be a clue. Speaking with Slash Film, di Bonaventura said that the film is going to be an origin story of Snake-Eyes and that he will “speak for X period of time.”

In the comics by Larry Hama, it was explained that Snake-Eyes lost the ability to talk in a helicopter accident in Vietnam. Of course, we’re a bit too far removed from that war now to make it plausible age-wise, so we’ll have to see what the updated story is now.

The film may begin shooting this fall, but no release date has been announced as of yet.

Source: Slash Film .

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