April 6 2019

James Gunn is getting ready to make The Suicide Squad, which is a reboot of the franchise.

Oh, but Margot Robbie will be back to play Harley Quinn, but other than that… total reboot. Producer Peter Safran has made that crystal clear.

Okay, Jai Courtney might come back as Captain Boomerang, but it’s not a sequel. Even though the same Harley and Boomerang might be in it, still a reboot.

Viola Davis may be back as Amanda Waller, but Safran still confirms it’s a reboot despite the same Harley, Boomerang, and Waller.

Flagg may be played by Joel Kinnaman again

And Warner Bros. execs called it “Suicide Squad 2” at CinemaCon this week…

Did someone just not invite Safran to some meetings or something? He’s a producer on the movie and he keeps insisting it’s a reboot… with four returning cast members…

Has no one ever defined ‘reboot’ to him?

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